New business ventures

Starting a new business

First, there was an idea. Then nothing happens afterwards – not all ideas are good!

But there are good concepts and ventures that are worth developing and building up. Starting from scratch is something where we can help. We can be part of the creative team or just help with our practical hands-on implementation expertise.

Most likely we will be assisting you along the way and picking up the roles as needed. New ventures are rather irregular beasts. You tend not to know what happens next and the learning process is deep. Yet, it can also be a smoother process with the right know-how and experience.

Where we can help:

  • Developing the business concept
  • Formulating a strategy
  • Starting a new venture or operations
  • Building the initial organisation

  • Scaling the business
  • Finding the right partners or resources
  • Strategic alliances or partnerships
  • Key client acquisition
How can we help you?

Contact us and we are happy to discuss your needs in detail.