We bring clarity and reduce complexity

We are looking for missionary entrepreneurs with a humble drive and passion to deliver value to customers.

We are industry agnostic and work with B2B and B2C companies. Your business can range from an idea stage to a well-funded growth company.

Venture building is a marathon but often it feels like a series of sprints. We care deeply about building value in the long run. Yet, our focus is on the day-to-day practicalities.

We bring clarity and big picture thinking to everyday decisions while reducing complexity.

Our focus is on everyday smart decisions

We value

Passion and dedication
Integrity and honesty
Can-do attitude
Openness and directness
Long-term thinking

We are passionate about building a better future with growth companies that scale and have a positive impact. That’s why we love even the most audacious founder missions.

We drive to accomplish these visions and share the good, the bad and the ugly along the way. Like in life, business is a lot of work, hardship and rough moments. Those moments define your resilience and trust. And these, in turn, make you a long-term partner in a journey.

Ultimately, success is based on all the previous experiences and decisions combined with some luck. We cannot help with luck but the rest is something we do every day.

Our talent is in strategic thinking with common sense and experience


Our level of involvement can vary based on your business needs and situation.

Level of involvementAdvisoryHands-onAd hoc
Meetings (<2h)Monthly (11)Weekly (40) On-demand
Support daysYesYesNo
Partner benefitsYesYesNo
Subscription12 months12 monthsNo
Prices starting fromaskaskask


At what stage should we get you involved?

We have co-founded companies and therefore been part of the whole process from the very beginning. The opportunities and challenges change during the life cycle of a business. We are happy to come in sooner than later. When do you want to start making better decisions?

What’s the compensation model?

Our model reflects the situation of the company. In the early stages, we are heavily equity-based and when the company cash flow sustains it the cash component becomes larger. The equity ratio is usually over 80% of the total.

We are a start-up and short in cash. When should we talk to you?

We are always happy to talk with entrepreneurs and help them with their missions. If you meet our criteria then we can find a model that works for both of us. We are flexible but expect to be compensated fairly. There is no better time than now to start making better decisions.

What are the partner benefits?

We are Amazon AWS Activation partner and can provide $25k/$100k AWS credits for our portfolio companies. For example, Hubspot, Stripe and Zendesk provide start-up discounts for our companies.

Why should we work with you?

You should only do that if you can build a better and more valuable company with us.

Quoting one of our entrepreneurs about our founder: “Results speak for themselves. We’ve gotten funding through his help, avoided fatal mistakes at critical moments, stayed focused, found new partners, new ideas and refined our business strategy into the right direction. Petri is a pleasure to work with. It’s fast, efficient and fun.”

It takes a team or partnership to build something unique and successful.

Let's talk!

Petri Kajander

Managing partner

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+358 40 503 1994 / +1 (917) 720-5546

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