Advising and mentoring

We don’t know it all. We expect you to be the expert in your business.

What we promise to do is to give you hard time, guaranteed. Because it’s no fun, and only few can do it themselves.

We are known for our straight talk and give it how it is -approach. We disagree, object and often even don’t follow your instructions, for a reason. We share the same goal. Your success is our success. The results matter, the means we have to figure out together.

We provide strategic insight, assessments, and evaluations. For outsiders, it may just look like people talking, or even more often having a good time together. Don’t get us wrong we enjoy hanging out with our clients. It’s our way of living. Some call it working.

Our concern is value building. Discussions tend to circle around strategy, funding, R&D, marketing and branding, operations, recruiting and growth. For us, it’s all about supporting our clients to make better decisions, every day.

Who uses us

  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs
  • Investors

It’s our job to help in developing and building the long term

It’s easy to miss the obvious, the lingering or even the elephant in the room. Operational issues can clog judgement or slow down the evident decision-making. The big picture is our focal point.

How can we help you?